Let's do something together. 

Hartsville Young Professionals connects new and native Hartsvillians to each other and to the resources they need to be successful. HYP welcomes anyone in the community  who is interested in making Hartsville a better place for young professionals to work  and live. HYP events are held monthly and may consist of networking nights at local businesses, community service projects, fundraising special events, dinner nights, recreational activities, and more. You can decide for yourself if you're "young" or "professional." We don't judge! 

HYP Board of Directors

The Board of Directors plans and executes HYP functions. Its members and their roles are listed below. If you have a question, feel free to contact any one the leaders.



Kelly Benton, Macon Hunter State Farm

The President is responsible for oversight, guidance and direction of the Board and Organization for all organizational matters. The President is responsible for establishing meeting agendas and ensuring the effectiveness of all Directors and committees.



Vice President

Nick Greenfield, Sonoco Products Company

The Vice President assists the President in all activities supporting the direction of the Board and will serve in the President’s place when the President is absent.





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Eli Jones, Sonoco Products Company

The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for documentation of meeting notes and for preparing a monthly report for the Chamber Board meetings, which are the second Wednesday of every month. The Secretary-Treasurer is also responsible for all internal communications between leadership team members. He or she will collect and tally votes at Board Meetings.

The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for tracking HYP financials, ensuring all expenses are covered by revenue, and communicating updates to the Board. The Treasurer will serve as a liaison between HYP and the Chamber Administration.



 Communications Director

Lauren Baker, City of Hartsville

The Communications Director is responsible for managing all marketing efforts, including social media, newsletters, event announcements, etc. Responsibilities also include all external communications with members and sponsors.


Events and Project Director

Rachel Greenfield, Black Creek Medical Associates

The Events and Projects Director is responsible for event logistics and service projects. The Events committee is made up of the Events and Projects Director and members in good standing. The Director creates task forces for specific events and delegates responsibilities to ensure that events and projects are implemented in accordance with the Board’s goals and objectives.


Membership Director

Rachel Greenfield, Black Creek Medical Consultants

The Membership Director is responsible for recruiting and retaining members. This also includes maintaining a membership database in cooperation with the Chamber Administration and working with the Events and Projects Director for networking events.


Recreation Director

David Leeth, Duke Energy

The Recreation Director is responsible for collaborating with group members to identify and arrange desired activities for HYP. This role is also responsible for reaching out to outside organizations of interest within the community, and coordinating with these organizations as needed.


Chamber President

Murphy Monk, Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber President serves as a liaison between the Board of Hartsville Young Professionals and the Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce. This roles gives guidance to the board and helps communicate their goals to the members of the Chamber of Commerce.

Community Support

The organization was created with and is sustained by the support of the Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce, the Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville, and the City of Hartsville.

Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Hartsville Chamber of Commerce is the informational resource and referral service for visitors, newcomers and local residents. Our Chamber is accredited and we are fortunate to be located in the heart of an All-America city. 

Community Development Foundation for a Better Hartsville

A nonprofit organization established in 2012, the members of the Community Foundation for a Better Hartsville represent a cross-section of institutional and community partners who are working together to promote social welfare by stimulating community and economic development in Hartsville, South Carolina.

City of Hartsville

Located in South Carolina’s Pee Dee region, Hartsville is home to major industries, charming neighborhoods, involved citizens, Coker College and the S.C. Governor’s School for Science and Math, plus an eclectic downtown, plenty of places to eat and cultural venues to enjoy.

HYP would not exist without help from the many local businesses and organizations that support us. Thank you to our sponsor this year, Sonoco Products Company.