Friday Five with Five Reasons You Should Celebrate Halloween with HYP

In honor the HYP Halloween Party tonight (7pm @Vintage) today’s Friday Five features five reasons why you should definitely be there: 

1.  It's Friday.


When was the last time you remember Halloween on a Friday night?  You should be thinking back to where you were in 2008 because that's the last time.  Want to hear something even more mind blowing? The next time Halloween falls on a Friday will be in 2025.  Some of you may be well past your prime to be partying with HYP then. 

2.  You can be anything you want.

Tonight's the night to dream big.  Have you always wanted to be a Firefighter? Zombie? Nerd? Cowgirl?  President?  You can do it tonight.  Open your closet up and dress for the part.  Who knows, you may just win one of the $25 gift certificates for best costume. 

3.  Free treats with no tricks.

No running around and having to earn your treats this Halloween.  It's simple- come to the HYP Party and you'll have free food to eat whenever you want.  There's no work involved, and you don't have to knock on a door to get anything.    Also for HYP paying members, your first drink is only $1! 

4. The weather.

Let's be real.  An arctic blast is heading our way.  Saturday you're going to wake up to 40 degree weather and rain.  Celebrate the last bit of warmth while you can.  Our party starts at 7pm with a forecast of 58 degrees and no rain expected until midnight! 

5.  All the cool kids are doing it.

Not much more to say on this one other than all the cool kids will be there.   Don't be the only cool kid missing out.

Questions or concerns about our party? Feel free to email us at