Friday Five with HYP Events & Projects Committee Director, Fearn Gupton

Happy Friday, HYP!

Have you ever been to an HYP event?  Today spend five minutes getting to know the girl that makes our events go off without a hitch.  She's also planning our next event that we will share details about soon!  HYP meet Fearn Gupton! 

Name: Fearn Gupton

HYP Position: Events & Projects Committee Director

Hometown:  Hartsville has been home to me since I moved here in the 6th grade. 

What brought me to Hartsville:  As an adult I moved back to manage the family’s business. 

How long I’ve been in Hartsville:  Before college I lived in Hartsville for 7 years.  I’ve been back in town since October of 2012. 

In real life I…(what my job is):  I am the General Manager of the Landmark Inn

Three things to know about me: 

  • I worked in logistics for 6 years before I got into the hospitality industry.  I shipped a lot of auto parts.  No, I didn’t have a call sign. 
  • Fearn is technically a nickname.  My full name is Harriet Redfearn Gupton. Redfearn is my mother’s maiden name.  Everyone calls me Fearn for short.
  • I received my BA in History from Clemson.  I always knew what I would study in college but I’ve never had any clue what I wanted to be when I grew up.  One day I hope to find out what that is. 

In my spare time you can find me:  I spend a lot of my time volunteering for different organizations in town.  For those times in between I can usually be found at Vintage.

Favorite local hotspot:  See above

Favorite local food:  I love Pam’s fried chicken.  I get it almost every Tuesday at Rotary. 

Advice for someone new to town:  This is not the same town that I grew up in.  Moving home has been much easier than I expected because I’ve met so many new people.  The amount of young professionals in this area is continuing to grow.  So my advice would be to get involved and put yourself out there.  You’ll meet a lot of people quickly because there are so many others that are in your same boat. 

What I love most about this town:  I love the fact that I have roots here in Hartsville.  Most of my family lives here. 

Why I HYP:  Why Not??  HYP is a new organization that is building itself from the ground up.  So far we’ve created opportunities for networking and finding out what is going on in the community. There is more to come.  If there is something that you would like to see HYP offer then get involved.  Together we can make it happen.  There are no restrictions.  HYP can be whatever you want it to be.  That’s the beauty of being involved with something from the beginning.