Friday Five with HYP Co-Chair, Casey Hancock

We are kicking off a new blog series called "Friday Five" where every Friday meet here and spend five minutes of your Friday getting to know one of our HYP leadership team members a little better. Learn more about them, their local favorites, and why they HYP.  

First up! Hartsville, native- Casey Hancock.


Name: Casey Hancock

HYP Position: Co Chair

Hometown: Hartsville, SC, ‘Merica

What brought me to Hartsville:  My parents, mostly. I was also able to come back to Hartsville because I was lucky enough to find a job here after school.

How long I've been in Hartsville: Well, I was born and grew up here, so about 30 years, give or take. I came back here from Clemson in 2006.

In real life I…(what my job is):  I have no idea. My title is “Chemist” at Sonoco. Sometimes I do chemistry, but it’s rarely the kind that uses flasks and Bunsen burners like one typically imagines. I use instruments for most of my work. I probably spend more time at work writing (technical reports, not the fun kind) than I do anything else.

Three things to know about me:

  1. I freaking love food. It’s my favorite thing.
  2. I have two cats. So, yes, I’m a cat guy. But, I’m also a metal head, so it balances out, right?
  3. I hate working out. If I am going to exercise, I feel like something should be accomplished when I’m done. For instance, there should be a big pile of rocks in a different place than it was before. Further, if you see me running outside, you should follow me. There’s something awful coming up behind me.

In my spare time you can find me: Usually at home. I’m a low-key professional relaxer.

Favorite local hot spot: Vintage Craft Beer and Wine Boutique. It’s awfully close to where I live. Sometime I just can’t help but stop by for a tasty beverage.

Favorite local food: Bow Thai's green curry.

My advice for someone new to town: Get involved with HYP! If HYP isn’t your thing, then get into something. Most people are really nice here. I’ve noticed that some newcomers have a harder time breaking the ice with established social circles than others. That’s unfortunate. But, I guarantee that if one sticks one’s neck out there even a little bit, one is guaranteed to meet someone pretty cool. Also, don’t give up on finding a place to live! We all know it’s really hard to do, but keep trying. Ask HYP for help. This is a great place to live and we want you to be here.

What I love most about this town: The people. There are lots of different types of people here and we all get along remarkably well. I like the small-town vibe. While it does mean that you’ll often feel like people are all up in your business, the other side of that coin is that those same people are looking out for you.

A close second would be how hard this town is working to better itself. There is so much going on. It’s something to be proud of.

Why I HYP: I believe in this town. I believe that trying to make it better is not only worthwhile, but possible.