Friday Five with HYP Secretary, Russell Cox

And we're back! Today's Friday Five features Russell Cox, our HYP Secretary.  Spend Five minutes today learning more about Russell and why he's involved with HYP!  (Looking very dapper we might add!)

Name: Russell Cox    

HYP Position: HYP Secretary

Hometown: Florence, SC, the “Magic City.” Look it up.

What brought me to Hartsville: I was fortunate enough to land a job in the greatest small city in South Carolina.

How long I've been in Hartsville: Since July 2012

In real life I…(what my job is): am the Public Information Officer for the City of Hartsville, handling communications from the municipal government

Three things to know about me:

  • I’m a former print journalist, and I’d love to tell you all about Associated Press Style.
  • As a Clemson Tiger and Georgia Bulldog, I try to give Gamecocks multiple reasons to hate me.
  • I have been told I am given to lectures on all matters historical.

In my spare time you can find me: On a run.

Favorite local hotspot: The Midnight Rooster Coffee Shop, Courtyard, and Eatery.

Favorite local food: Has anyone said Shug’s Smokehouse Grill yet? Shug’s is good.

Advice for someone new to town: Get involved as much as you can. There’s plenty to do here for those who want to do something, and a tremendous spirit of engagement and volunteerism.

What I love most about this town: It has culture, it has recreation, it has a little bit of everything. Hartsville is the greatest small town in South Carolina.

Why I HYP: All the cool kids were doing it. Also, Casey Hancock.