Friday Five with HYP Treasurer, Whitney Watts

It feels like Spring is finally here and Friday is too! Take five minutes this afternoon to meet, Whitney.  Whitney keeps us on track and under budget!

Name: Whitney Watts

HYP Position: Treasurer

Hometown: Conway, SC

What brought me to Hartsville: Coker College for school and now work.

How long I've been in Hartsville: A total of 8 years, but 4 years full-time.

In real life I…(what my job is): I am the Director of Residence Life at Coker College. This basically means my office works to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for all students that live on-campus.

Three things to know about me:

  • I have a cat named Sammie that I adore. 
  • I am slightly obsessed with cupcakes. Not only do I enjoy eating cupcakes (sparingly, of course!), but my kitchen is decorated with tons of cupcake paraphernalia. I also like to bake cupcakes!
  • I really enjoy traveling and have tried to make it a priority to travel somewhere new once a year. This May I am going to Iceland with a professor and group of students from Coker.

In my spare time you can find me: Either catching up on shows that I’ve TIVO’d or running, it depends on how the week is going!

Favorite local hotspot: Kalmia Gardens- if you haven’t visited yet, please add it to your list. It’s beautiful!

Favorite local food: FWestwood BBQ

Advice for someone new to town: Get involved in the community, whether through HYP or another organization. Hartsville has so much to offer if you’re willing to get out and get involved.

What I love most about this town: I think I have to second Hannah and say that I also love Downtown Hartsville. I enjoy walking downtown, sitting in the Midnight Rooster courtyard for brunch or lunch, and browsing the fun and unique shops. I also love that there is always something going on in Hartsville during the week or on the weekends. You can always find something to do or something new to try!  


Why I HYP: To meet new people, and hopefully make a difference in the community.