Five Tips for Making Your Professional Photo the Best Yet

See you tonight for our HYProfessional Head Shot photos at the Landmark Inn beginning at 5pm.  We will also be there tomorrow, June 17, as well.

As you get ready to take your photo, below you'll find five tips we have put together on making your photo the very best.

Five tips for your photo:

  1. Dress to reflect the atmosphere of the profession that you’re in or hope to join. Choose darker, solid colors. White can wash you out. Avoid strapless dresses.
  2. Go for a picture that conveys your energy and personality.
  3. Like your mom always said: Sit up straight! Be aware of your posture; good posture signifies confidence and competence.
  4. Make sure your eyes are relaxed and have a smile on your face.
  5. Posting a photo is a must for online profiles. It’s especially important for women who have married and changed their name. Or, if you have a common name, your photo will distinguish you from the other people that stole your name.

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