Let's Do Something Together: We Remember Sophia

We’re all painfully familiar with the tragic loss suffered by Amanda Goyeneche and Richie Gray just over a month ago. The community suffered with them, and still does.

While still reeling from the loss, Amanda and Richie started a public education campaign to raise awareness about how dangerous, and common, it is to leave children exposed to the heat that can build inside of a closed vehicle.

Word of the campaign has spread like wildfire and demand for the pink elephant “It Takes a Village” stickers they made has been astounding. They have been inundated with requests for the stickers and trying their best to keep up, but it’s getting to be too much. They need help, and we can provide it. It’s vital that we do. We can’t allow it to lose steam because the campaign has already saved the life of a child in South Carolina. Together, we can help. We can keep this momentum going. We can prevent the loss of life—and we will.


Hartsville Young Professionals and the Women’s League of Hartsville are gathering to help process orders for the It Takes A Village stickers.

When: Tuesday, July 1 at 5:30pm. 
Where: the Coker Boathouse behind the white gates at 100 Sonoco Rd in Hartsville, SC.
Click here to to RSVP to the event

It’s going to be fun, so bring your sandals and favorite drinks to enjoy beside the lake once we’ve finished the work.

Let’s do this together.

More information about the campaign can be found at:  https://www.facebook.com/remembersophia/