Friday Five featuring HYP Activities Director, Ben Beetch

Loving all of our activities lately? HYP was thrilled to add Ben Beetch to our leadership council a few months ago.  Since taking his role as HYP's Activities Director, Ben has been busy planning  soccer and kickball games as well as lining up our summer wellness events with Coker College.

Today, take five minutes of your Friday meeting and learning more about the guy planning it all!  Did we mention he gets the award for furthest traveled to get to Hartsville? His hometown is 4,438 miles from here!

Ben Beetch

Name: Ben Beetch

HYP Position: Activities Director

Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska

What brought me to Hartsville: The thought of thawing out and I was recruiting to play soccer at Coker College

How long I've been in Hartsville: I have been in and out of Hartsville for just over 6 years

In real life I…(what my job is): I am a manager of special program marketing at Coker College

Three things to know about me: Despite popular belief I did not grow up in an igloo, I have ridden behind sled dogs but it’s not a mode of transportation and I have fed a wild moose lettuce in my front yard.

In my spare time you can find me: playing soccer at Byerly, playing volleyball at Sonic, farming or hydrating with the local community

Favorite local hotspot: Kalmia Gardens

Favorite local food: Fuji or Shugs

Advice for someone new to town: People may seem standoffish at first but give them a chance and you will meet some of the most sincere and loyal friends you can imagine.

What I love most about this town: There is always something going on, from concerts on college, Division II college games at Coker to the taste of Hartsville, if your not out doing something it’s not because of a lack of options!

Why I HYP: I love meeting new people and showing them the great things this town has to offer, for a small community we are rich with unique individuals. HYP brings them all together in a variety of ways that creates friendships for life


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