Meet the Hartsville Young Professionals-Scott


My name is Scott Sewell.

My hometown is Florence, KY.

I'm currently looking for work, so if you know of anyone hiring in customer service, sales, or marketing let me know! ( Previously I was a marketing manager for an academic publisher in New York. I spent my days working with authors to help them find the right audience for their textbooks, working with college professors to help them find the right textbook for their students, and working with colleagues to ensure we met aggressive revenue targets. That's just a long way of saying I'm one of the people responsible for you having to pay $300-$400 a semester for your textbooks....Sorry about that..

My fiance, Danielle Poupore (fellow HYPster) accepted a position at Coker College and it brought us to Hartsville. We both instantly fell in love with the unique balance of small town, southern charm with modern amenities. 

I have lived in Hartsville for 7 months.

You may not know that I lost 142 pounds from May 2012 through early 2015, I ran the 2015 NYC Marathon, and I'm currently taking classes at Coker.

Three things you can always find in my refrigerator are pepperoni, almond milk, and ingredients to make tacos.

My favorite Hartsville spots are Vintage, Retrofit, Mantissa Rooftop... notice a trend?

My favorite Hartsville food is.... I realize it's a chain, so perhaps isn't in the spirit of this question, but did you know that Shoneys has mini powdered donuts in their breakfast buffet? I mean, it's just all the powdered donuts you can fit on to a plate, every single morning. #Merica

On a weekend in Hartsville you can find me going for a 6am long run through the quiet Hartsville streets.

On a weeknight in Hartsville you can find me... realistically I'm probably watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec, or New Girl. If I get out of the house I'm either getting a drink at Vintage or walking our dog, Scout!

I HYP because moving to a new town is difficult, and meeting new people who can help you learn about and enjoy that new town is key. I've really enjoyed the various HYP events I've been to, and the people we've met along the way.

I love Hartsville because it enabled Danielle and I to escape the terrible Northeast winters, overpriced housing, and a commute to work on packed subways with the armpit of a stranger directly in our faces.

A Hartsville hidden gem that many don't know about is... hidden in plain sight are the Coker College athletics events. The softball team and women's lacrosse teams were especially fun to watch this year.