Meet the Hartsville Young Professionals-Kaitlyn


My name is Kaitlyn Keyser.

My hometown is Akron, Ohio.

At work I teach 5th grade at Thomas Hart.

My fiancé (Eli Jones) was moving to Hartsville for work at Sonoco, so I followed suit!

I have lived in Hartsville for about a year and a half.

You may not know that I am a cat mom, amateur gardener, and lover of all things beach related!

Three things you can always find in my refrigerator are pickles, oranges, and Babybel cheeses.

My favorite Hartsville food is Froyo at Berri Lane.

My favorite Hartsville spot is Kalmia Gardens.

On a weekend in Hartsville you can find me hanging out at either Vintage, Retro Fit, or the Rooftop.

On a weeknight in Hartsville you can find me at home with my kitty watching reruns of Friends.

I recently joined HYP, so I'm looking forward to meeting more young people and attending some fun events!