Meet the Hartsville Young Professionals-Patrick


My name is Patrick Rogers.

My hometown is Hartsville, SC.

At work I am a Mortgage Loan Manager at SPC credit union. I work with members of our community to find them financing for homes and land. 

I have lived in Hartsville for 26 years.

You may not know that I love gardening, I like woodworking, and I collect Waterfowl décor.

Three things you can always find in my refrigerator are meat, dukes mayonnaise, and olives for a martini.

My favorite Hartsville spots are La Victoria, Ruth's Drive In, and Sonic.

My favorite Hartsville place to eat is La Victoria.

On a weekend in Hartsville you can find me shopping around at all the resale stores or yard sales.

On a weeknight in Hartsville you can find me at Vintage, or at home cooking.

I HYP because I have a passion for our community and want to connect with others to show them the beauty of our small town.

I love Hartsville because the people are our greatest asset, everyone makes you feel welcomed. The town is constantly growing and you can feel it when your out on the town on the weekends.

A Hartsville hidden gem many don't know about is the Habitat Restore behind Rite Aid. The staff is great and you can always find a good deal on something you didn't know you needed.