Meet the Hartsville Young Professionals-Alex




My name is Alex Forrest.

My hometown is Savoy, Illinois.

At work I am a Global Master Data Management Specialist for Sonoco. I work with Agile PLM and Oracle on a daily basis to help Sonoco improve their data quality and decision-making.

Sonoco brought me to Hartsville.

I have lived in Hartsville for 3-1/2 years.

You may not know that when I was growing up I thought I was going to be an Olympic gymnast. I love beach music and shag dancing, even though I'm not very good. Instagram is my favorite app.

Three things you can always find in my refrigerator are La Croix, Blue Apron meals and ketchup. I can't eat french fries without ketchup, and I have fries pretty much every day.

My favorite Hartsville spot is I love all of the downtown shops, bars and restaurants. I could never select just a few! Also, my friend's screened-in back porch is one of my favorite spots. I love to be outside without dealing with all of the bugs!

My favorite Hartsville food is Grilled chicken tostadas at La Victoria.

On a weekend in Hartsville you can find me all over the place on a Friday or Saturday night. There is always so much going on! If it's a Sunday, you can find me in my bed watching Netflix and napping. You likely won't see me on a Sunday.

On a weeknight in Hartsville you can find me attending events downtown, cooking at home with my awesome boyfriend Patrick, playing tennis, and spoiling my dog. I like to stay busy!

I HYP because I love to stay connected to fellow young professionals in Hartsville. HYP provides great opportunities to expand my network and learn about all of what Hartsville has to offer!

I love Hartsville because everyone genuinely cares about each other. When I began traveling to Hartsville for work, everyone was so welcoming and kind. Even to an outsider! This quickly became my home away from home and my love for Hartsville has only grown with time. Hartsville is full of great people who want to make this the best place to live and it definitely shows.

A Hartsville hidden gem that many don't know about is the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I've bought some of my favorite things I own from there! I bought a Lilly Pulitzer scarf from there the other day for $.50!