Meet the Hartsville Young Professionals-Mary Kate



My name is Mary Kate Truitt.

My hometown is Greenville, South Carolina

At work I am an R&D Engineer for Sonoco Products.

The job and Greenville traffic brought me to Hartsville.

I have lived in Hartsville for 3 months.

You may not know that I have an amazing dog, Magnolia (if I don't show you pictures of her within a couple minutes of meeting you, I probably lost my phone). I love baking, but never anything healthy only sweets and breads. If its healthy food it's just not as much fun for me. Also I've had just about every job imaginable; some of the more unusual being working in a vets office and roofing houses.

Three things you can always find in my refrigerator are cheese, wine, and cookie dough.

My favorite Hartsville spots are Midnight Rooster, Sam Kendalls, Vintage, the Rooftop, Nueva Villa . . . (pretty much anywhere there's good food or drinks).

My favorite Hartsville food is a peanut butter fudge milkshake from Cookout. (sorry its not local, but I can't help that they're so good!)

On a weekend in Hartsville you can find me anywhere playing the Clemson game.

On a weeknight in Hartsville you can find me going for a run around town, so I don't feel bad about spending the rest of the night watching Netflix.

I HYP because I wanted to meet new people and get involved in the community. I love getting involved with different charities and I'm so glad Hartsville has a organization of young people who all want to help out.

I love Hartsville because I've always wanted to live in a small town. Hartsville has the perfect small town feel but still more than enough to do.

A Hartsville hidden gem that many don't know about is the architecture. Between the older buildings downtown and some of the houses, I love seeing the different time periods reflected in styles of structures still in use for homes and businesses.